Years ago, after grinding through a 4 year B.Comm Marketing degree at Queen’s University, and working 8 years in a mix of non-profit, consumer packaged goods and finance industries, I had enough of the corporate world.

I was working downtown Toronto on the 52nd floor of a major bank, where my time was not my own.  My boss told me how much I had to work, when I could go home and what I had to work on.  I was a number, just a cog in the wheel and bound with a necktie and a subway ride full of zombies. That was very frustrating to me on so many levels. I felt strongly that I needed to change that so that my time became mine again and I could lose that nagging frustration with being on someone else’s schedule. I then quit my job, and jumped into the world of online marketing, software and e-commerce.


E-commerce store for shelters Canada wide.

E-commerce shop for wind sport gear/clothing (Canada).

Phone app for local towns gamified to generate helpful ideas.

NFT Marketplace with auctions for fundraising.

Wind AI
Chrome Extension for local wind forecasts via Google Calendar.

Simple free 10×10 game with focus on conservation of forests/ecosystems.

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@canopycrypto
Twitter / X.com: https://twitter.com/CanopyCrypto

SimpleIntranet.org (sold) – WordPress intranet plugins
CircleFund (sold) – Fundraising for non-profits
Amazon.ca FBA store (sold)

I am a full time online marketer, and I have learned a lot in the past decade especially, as things have changed rapidly in the Internet realm. I want to share my learnings with you on software, selling two business, creating a video game, gathering leads, affiliate programs, creating hosted SaaS software, buying Facebook and Google ads, developing income streams, e-mail marketing, list building, landing page development, funnel optimization, A/B splits, running an Amazon FBA business and much more.  I want to also share the mistakes that I made, and accelerate your learning so you can gain control of your own time. And remember, there is an infinite amount of money out there, but there is not an infinite amount of time.

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Chris Charlwood