Wind AI – A Wind Sport Addict’s Best Friend

Wind AI is a Google Chrome Extension that provides 7 day wind forecasts that can be added as appointments into your Google Calendar. You can get customized forecasts for your local area, which is ideal for wind sport enthusiasts like windsurfers, wingers or kiteboarders. This app will even estimate an ideal kite or wing size for you based on your weight and ability. Forecasts use artificial intelligence and leverage a powerful combination of weather models from local weather services.

Here’s how it works;

  1. Simply click “Auto Fetch” for your location or type it in if not found.
  2. Select your desired wind range in kmh, mph or knots.
  3. If you are winger or kiter, update your rider weight (kg) and ability.
  4. If the current wind is within your desired range, it will suggest what estimated wing or kite size (in square meters) may be appropriate based on the current wind strength, rider weight and ability!
  5. Click the green “Yes” to add wind alert “appointments” to your Google Calendar for the next 7 days that fall within your desired wind range.

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Our weather models rely on a wealth of real-time data, including measurements from various sources such as airplanes, buoys, radar systems, and satellites. By incorporating this diverse and comprehensive data, our numerical weather predictions provide a deeper analysis than traditional weather stations, resulting in more accurate wind forecasts for getting you out to your best sessions.

Add Wind Forecasts To Google Calendar

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Terms and Conditions

We don’t collect any personal or location information in our Chrome Extension. We only use your city location and settings for displaying wind range, rider weight and skill level in your browser to generate the wind forecast and suggested kite or wing equipment for your geographic area. This data may also be used by users to generate Google Calendar appointments that contain wind forecast information. These settings are not saved on our servers or shared in any way.

Privacy Policy

We don’t collect or save any personal information or location information that is used in in our Wind AI Chrome Extension. We only use the user location, rider skill level and weight settings for providing wind forecasts and suggested wing or kite equipment sizes. This data is only used to generate Google Calendar appointments that contain wind forecast information, and are not saved on our servers.

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